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Carhartt WIP Size & Fit Guide

Founded in 1994 as a more contemporary and fashion focused offshoot of the classic Carhartt workwear brand, Carhartt WIP is now one of the world’s biggest, best-known and most influential streetwear labels. 

Famous for their simple, utilitarian designs and high-quality, durable materials, Carhartt WIP offer a range of garments that includes everything from tshirts and jeans, to sweaters, jackets and hats.

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Carhartt has been around as a company since 1889, and the brand’s workwear heritage can clearly be seen throughout the WIP collection. However, Carhartt WIP clothing is tailored for a more European influenced fit, offering refined designs and detailing that appeal to the style conscious, as well as individuals who appreciate quality garments that are made to last.

Each season Carhartt WIP offers the latest versions of its staple products, which have helped the brand develop such a loyal following of fans. The core range is also complemented with fresh designs to keep Carhartt WIP at the front of the pack, including printed tees, on-trend jackets and exclusive releases created in collaboration with other like minded brands.


What To Know About Carhartt WIP Sizing

Originally designed to allow active work and outdoor pursuits, Carhartt’s workwear DNA still runs through most of its garments. When combined with Carhartt WIP’s roots as one of the early pioneers of streetwear, the result is clothing is generally designed for a relaxed fit and comfortable fit.

As such, this means that Carhartt WIP clothing often runs slightly large. While we’d still recommend buying your regular size in most instances, you should expect the fit to be a little on the loose side. This is an intentional part of Carhartt WIP’s workwear inspired style.

However if you prefer your clothes to be fitted a little closer, then we’d recommend sizing down, particularly if you’re often between sizes. If you’re new to the brand and are unsure about sizing then you’ll be pleased to know we offer convenient 60 day returns and free exchanges on most products.

Once you’ve found your perfect Carhartt WIP sizing then you’re set. A lot of people become fans of Carhartt WIP once they experience the quality on offer, and they wind up adding more products to their collection over the years.

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How Do Carhartt WIP T-Shirts Fit?

Made from organic cotton jersey, Carhartt WIP t-shirts have a relaxed, boxy fit and an iconic look. Although they’re supposed to have a loose aesthetic anyway, these garments do tend to run big, so if you’re in between sizes we’d recommend you size down rather than up.

Styling Notes

Reflecting the brand’s roots in hip hop music, graffiti art, skateboarding, and culture, Carhartt WIP tees blend simple, workwear-inspired designs with stellar graphics.

Find single coloured short and long sleeved wardrobe staples in premium cotton for comfort, as well as fresh statement prints each season.

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How Do Carhartt WIP Trousers/Pants Fit?

Waist measurements are usually true to size, however Carhartt WIP pants tend to be cut loose on the leg. This is particularly the case for the brand’s denim, chinos and cargo pants. However, we’d describe the fit as loose rather than overly baggy, and would recommend buying your regular size.

Styling Notes

Famously hard-wearing, Carhartt WIP trousers/pants come in a range of styles, fits and fabrics. From joggers, and denims, to cords, cargo pants and more, they all stay true to the Carhartt WIP’s inimitable aesthetic, inspired by the brand’s workwear past.

Chino style pants offer a timeless option that can be worn almost anywhere, while denims are available in a range of washes and make a great relaxed option.

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How Do Carhartt WIP Sweats & Hoodies Fit?

Offering a mix of boxy workwear-inspired silhouettes and contemporary sportswear cuts, Carhartt WIP hoodies and sweatshirts are made loose and comfy with a relaxed fitting. They tend to run a little bigger than some brands, so if you’re after a slimmer fit then we’d suggest sizing down. However, if you’re on-board with Carhartt WIP’s relaxed and slightly oversized silhouette, then your regular size should fit you well.

Styling Notes

Combining comfort and durability, Carhartt WIP hoodies and sweatshirts are snug, stylish and perfect for all day wear. Great on their own or ideal for layering when temperatures drop, find a range of colour options in  simple and t versatile designs.

Carhartt WIP hoodies and sweats  go with just about anything, yet deliver quality details to make them pop. Created in a mixture of both brushed and unbrushed jersey fabrics, they offer a timeless look and comfort all year round.

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How Do Carhartt WIP Shirts Fit?

Once again, Carhartt WIP shirts run a little on the big side, with a loose, boxy fit. In our opinion this is the best way to achieve a workwear inspired style, which after all is what the brand is famous for, and so we’d recommend ordering true to size. However, if you prefer a slimmer fit or are between sizes then sizing down is also an option.

Styling Notes

Drawing from American workwear classics and designed with a focus on quality and simplicity, the Carhartt WIP shirt collection includes a mix of work shirts and refined button-down shirts.

Whether you need something in a lightweight fabric, like cotton poplin and chambray, or heavy flannel and wool fabrics, Carhartt WIP can cater to your tastes in trademark, utilitarian style.

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How Do Carhartt WIP Jackets Fit?

Carhartt WIP jackets are made with a boxy, relaxed fit that runs a little on the big side. If it’s a classic workwear look you’re going for, then your regular size is recommended, which should give you plenty of room for layering. For a more tailored fit, especially across the chest and through the arms, we’d suggest going down a size.

Styling Notes

Featuring some of the most popular and iconic products in its range, Carhartt WIP’s outerwear collection mixes classic styles with new influences, taking their traditional workwear designs and bringing them into the 21st century with that trademark style that helped to define a genre.

Offering an assured blend of form and function, Carhartt WIP jackets epitomise the hardwearing, utilitarian aesthetic of the brand. You’ll find everything from lightweight jackets and perfect transitional options through to parkas and heavy coats within this collection, with workwear influenced styles at the heart of the range.

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Carhartt WIP Sizing Charts

While each piece of Carhartt WIP clothing will offer a slightly different fit depending on the exact cut of the item, the chart below offers some general information about the brand’s sizing. Remember that Carhartt WIP clothing is often on the looser size, which means buying in your regular size will provide a more relaxed fit, while sizing down will give you a closer and more fitted silhouette.

Men’s Carhartt WIP Sizing


Chest Size in Inches
(Tops & Jackets)

Waist Size in Inches
(Pants & Trousers)



















Women’s Carhartt WIP Sizing


Chest Size in Inches
(Tops & Jackets)

Waist Size in Inches
(Pants & Trousers)
















Carhartt WIP Size & Fit FAQ

Q: Does Carhartt WIP run true to size?

A: Carhartt WIP runs a little large, however we’d usually recommend buying your normal size if you want the oversized workwear look.

Q: Should I go down a size in Carhartt WIP?

A: If you’re between sizes or want a more fitted style, then sizing down might be right for you. However we’d recommend ordering your normal size in jeans and trousers based on wait size.

Q: Should you size down for Carhartt WIP jackets?

A: If you want the classic workwear look then we’d recommend sticking to your regular size. The fit will be slightly loose and boxy, but won’t look too big. If you prefer a closer fitting jacket however, or usually find yourself between sizes, then sizing down could work for you.

Q: Is Carhartt WIP the same size as Carhartt?

A: In general, Carhartt WIP is the same size or slightly smaller than Carhartt’s workwear lines, so if you’re a size medium in Carhartt then you might want to try a medium or a large in Carhartt WIP. However, the workwear clothing is usually even looser fitting than the WIP range, which is slightly tailored to give a workwear look while being a little more refined.

Q: Is Carhartt WIP clothing baggy?

A: We couldn’t describe most Carhartt WIP clothing as being baggy, however we would say it offers a boxy and relaxed fit.

Q: Are Carhartt WIP hoodies oversized?

A: Carhartt WIP hoodies offer a relaxed fit that is designed for comfort. We wouldn’t necessarily call them oversized; think regular sizing with a bit more room for movement where it matters.

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