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How to Use:
Montana rust effect spray paint

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If you are looking for the perfect way to add the illusion of oxidation to your favourite DIY, craft or hobby projects, then look no further than the Montana Rust Effect spray paint for the perfect rustic finish. 

From giving an old lamp that chic industrial vibe to bringing a traditional look to wall art or giving new life to an old bookcase, the Rust Effect spray paint from Montana is an easy way to achieve authentic vintage results.

Montana Rust Effect spray paint can be used on a great number of different surfaces, from paper and wood to glass and ceramics, the DIY projects are endless. Using a nitro-combi formulation which authentically mimics an oxidised appearance, this spray has been designed to give a high quality and long lasting finish. 

The beauty is that, once you get to know how this spray paint is used, it will come in handy for loads of different craft or art projects.

Find out more about the Montana Rust effect spray paint and start your DIY projects today to see maximum results!

1.Preparation Is Key

As with any DIY project, preparation is key to achieving the best results. Firstly, ensure that your surface is clean and dry, as well as being free from any dust, oils or debris that can affect the finish of the paint. Although you may be excited and tempted to begin the spray painting process right away, good prep only brings the best results, so ensuring all of your surfaces are clean and ready to paint is an essential.

As well as clearing your surfaces, it is also key to protect the area near to where you will spray and also parts of the object you are working on which will not be painted. Mist from spray paint can travel further than you imagine, so it is wise to bear this in mind before starting.

Always work in an area that is well ventilated and ensure that you work in a space that has a temperature between +10°c and +25°c. This is crucial because Montana Rust Effect spray paint works best in this temperature range.

2.Prime Your Surface

Applying a base layer to the surface you will be painting is an essential to help the paint stick better. There are a range of Montana Primers designed for different types of materials, and these really help to achieve a great finish. 
Use the Montana Universal Primer for surfaces that are totally unprimed, Montana Plastic Primer when spraying plastics, and Montana Metal Primer to prepare objects made from metal. There is also a Montana Aluminium Primer designed for aluminum surfaces.

When it comes to the application of the base layer, as with any normal spray paint you should shake the primer well before using and applying it in even strokes. Once the required surface is covered, wait until the primer is dry, which usually takes around 45 minutes. 

3.Create That Gorgeous Rust Effect

Once your base layer is dry, this is when the real process of the fun begins! The first thing to do is give your can of Montana Rust Effect spray paint a good shake for 2 to 3 minutes. After taking the clear plastic lid from the top of the can, turn it away from your surface/object and press the nozzle to test if it works.

To apply Montana Rust Effect paint, hold the can around 25cm from your target and apply the paint from left to right in thin, sweeping layers. 
To get a really eye-catching vintage, aged look, 2 or 3 layers is best. Once a layer is applied, this fast-drying paint should be ok to touch in 20 minutes, fully dry in around 6 hours and completely cured in 24 hours.

4.Achieve Stunning Industrial Effects With RustSpray Paint

This choice of spray paint is perfect if you’re looking to add an industrial look to any object or age them in an authentic-looking way. The paint comes in two colours - Rust Effect Brown, and Rust Effect Orange Brown, which offer a choice of aged metal styles to choose from. You can apply just one colour to a surface for stunning retro looks but also put one on top of the other for more organic finishes.

You can also use this spray paint in tandem with others in the Montana range to create vibrant effects. Applying Montana Glitter spray, for example, gives a unique metallic look to the finish. If you really want to get creative, other Montana Spray Paints can be used either on top or underneath the Rust Effect spray, including Montana Black paints as well as Montana White sprays.

This is a great way to achieve a wide range of finishes including items painted in your choice of colour with added rust spots, to fresh designs added to an object that looks as if it’s been around for decades.
It’s also possible to use Montana Paint Pens over the Rust Effect surface to create something truly unique. From illustrations to writing and much more, there really is no limit to what you’re able to create.

6.Montana Rust Effect Paint Storage & Disposal

Although your project may now be done, there is still the safe paint storage or disposal to take care of. It is key to store cans with the nozzle on and in a sensible place where there are no extreme temperature changes, and out of the reach of children.

Once the can is empty, you should get rid of it in line with local guidelines for recycling in your area.