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Nudie jeans men's fit guide

Since launching in 2001, Nudie Jeans has become one of the world’s leading premium denim brands. Nudie is famous for its range of fits and washes, as well as its dry denim that enables the wearer to achieve beautiful fading and patina over time, making every pair of Nudie’s as unique as the people who wear them.

A great pair of jeans is the foundation of any wardrobe, and Nudie are experts in creating denim that is stylish, long-lasting and comfortable. To help find the right pair of Nudies for you, let’s take a look at each of the styles in more detail.

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Loose Fit Nudie Jeans

Loose-fit Nudie Jeans are intended to provide relaxed comfort with a little extra room, but without compromising on style. Loose-fitting but not baggy, Loose Nudie Jeans offer plenty of room for manoeuvre from waist to ankle and are a favourite with those who like to feel at ease in their denim.

Tuff tony

Designed with comfort in mind, Tuff Tony is a loose-fitting jean with authentic button fly. Tuff Tony’s high waistband gives an additional element of comfort and can be pulled up higher than the hip if preferred. Tuff Tony’s loose fit means there is extra room from the hip through the seat and leg, including the thigh and calf. Tuff Tony has a very slight taper into the ankle from the knee, which gives it a flare-free and no-nonsense straight shape. Tuff Tony is perfect for those who prefer a relaxed comfortable style, or those who need a little extra leg room.

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Regular Fit Nudie Jeans

Regular-fit Nudie Jeans are made from rigid denim, without the addition of any stretch. The use of rigid denim in Regular Nudie Jeans means they have a durable and high-quality edge. They have been designed with added room through the hip, seat and leg to allow for ease of movement.

gritty jackson

Gritty Jackson is a regular-fitting pair of jeans with a straight leg and a zip fly. It has a mid-waist rise and sits comfortably on the hip. Gritty Jackson has plenty of room in the leg to allow for wearability and ease of movement. Its straight silhouette is intended to create a classically versatile fit of jeans combined with superior comfort. Gritty Jackson is made with rigid denim and has a hard-wearing no-nonsense quality. With a straight leg from the knee down, the ankle is wide enough to fit easily over the top of a pair of work boots.

steady eddie II

Made from durable rigid denim, Steady Eddie II is a button fly regular-fit style. Steady Eddie II has a mid-waist rise for an easy feel and there is plenty of room through the seat and thighs. This style is perfect for those looking for a relaxed and comfortable yet hard-wearing fit. Steady Eddie II narrows slightly from the knee over the calf to the ankle, following the natural shape of the leg and giving a classic tapered ‘carrot’ or cone silhouette. The ankle is wide enough to go over a boot, but not so wide as to catch on the heel.

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Slim Fit Nudie Jeans

Slim Nudie Jeans combine a slim and stylish fit with a comfortable feel. These jeans are made from stretch denim, to allow for ease of movement without compromising on the style of a slim silhouette. Slim Nudie Jeans are the go-to for those who prefer a fashionable twist to their classic denims.

lean dean

Lean Dean is a slim-fitting style of jeans which has a comfortable mid-waist rise and a zip fly. Lean Dean fits close to the seat and thigh for a tailored silhouette and is made from stretch denim for the ultimate in comfort and ease of movement. Lean Dean tapers all the way from thigh to ankle to a slim leg opening, giving a stylish ‘carrot’ or cone shape and following the contour of the leg. The bottom of the Lean Dean is narrow enough for a comfortable fit without catching on the heel, but will comfortably fit over a boot.


Grim Tim is a straight-leg slim-fitting style of jean, which offers a modern twist on a classic style. Grim Tim has a comfortable mid-waist rise and an authentic button fly. Made with stretch denim, Grim Tim fits closely to the seat and thigh, giving it a sharp and tailored look but still allowing some room for movement and relaxed comfort. The shape of the leg of Grim Tim follows a straight cut from the hip all the way down to the ankle, giving this style of jean an edgy yet familiar and well-loved feel.


Thin Finn is one of Nudie Jeans’ earlier styles that has always maintained its popularity. This style of slim-fitting jean features a straight leg for a classic silhouette. Thin Finn fits closely to the seat and the thighs but with a little extra room, giving an air of tailored style but without compromising on comfort. Thin Finn is made from stretch denim for ultimate wearability and freedom of movement, and it has a relaxed mid-waist rise and zip fly. Thin Finn’s lowered back yoke means that the back pockets fit low, giving this style an element of casual nonchalance.

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Tight & Skinny Fit Nudie Jeans

Tight Nudie Jeans are designed to give a snug but comfortable fit. Stretch denim is used in the styles within the Tight range of Nudie Jeans to allow for comfort and freedom of movement without compromising on the stylish silhouette of the tighter leg.

skinny lin

Skinny Lin is a tight style that fits closely from the waist right down to the ankle. Skinny Lin has a low waist rise and a zip fly. The higher yoke of Skinny Lin’s curved waistband gives an improved fit at the back to prevent gaping. This style is gently tapered through the leg to give a ‘carrot’ or cone silhouette. Skinny Lin fits tightly to the seat and thigh, with the soft stretch denim meaning there is no compromise on movement or comfort. This jean is snug around the ankle and will tuck easily inside boots or sit perfectly over trainers.

tight terry

Tight Terry fits tightly from the hip all the way down to the ankle, with a low waist and a zip fly. Tight Terry has a tilt to the waistband, which gives it a high yoke at the back to prevent gaping without feeling too high at the front. Tight Terry is made from soft denim with a power stretch to keep the fit tight but still allowing freedom of movement. Tight Terry has a slight taper that follows the contour of the leg and gives the jeans a ‘carrot’ or cone shape with a snug fit at the ankle.

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How do nudie jeans fit

Just like people, who come in all shapes and sizes, Nudie Jeans are available in a range of fits and styles to suit various body shapes and fashion and comfort preferences. There is a pair for everyone.

It is recommended that you order true to size with all Nudie Jeans styles for the best fit and long-lasting wear.

Tight Nudie Jeans and slim Nudie Jeans are designed to be snug to the leg. These fits are ideal for those who like a slightly more formal silhouette to their jeans. These closer-fitting jeans are made with stretch denim to allow for ease of movement.

Regular Nudie Jeans and loose Nudie Jeans on the other hand are made from rigid denim. The styles in these ranges have extra room through the seat and leg so that the stretch isn’t needed. The rigid denim lends an air of durability and hard-wearing quality to these fits of jeans. Regular and Loose Nudie Jeans would be most suitable for those who need a little extra space, or those who prefer a more relaxed style of jeans.

A Sustainable Denim Brand

Nudie Jeans aims to be as sustainable as possible, providing jeans to suit all styles and body types, male and female, any age, classic and modern. The philosophy behind the brand is that jeans take on their own character with repeated wear, reuse and repair, and that the perfect pair of jeans should last. Nudie Jeans are made from 100 percent organic cotton, an important element of the brand’s sustainable vision.

Nudie Jeans also promotes the idea of reuse and repair and trades a range of selvedge jeans to further encourage environmental awareness in fashion. Nudie Jeans Repair Kits are available to make repairs to and lengthen the life of well-loved and well-worn jeans.

The company’s primary aim is to become the most sustainable producer of jeans in the world. The brand carries a range of styles and fits to suit all body shapes and preferences in order to cater for as many people as possible. In order to be truly sustainable the idea is that the jeans should be designed to fit and wear well, and to be durable and hard-wearing so that they last. Nudie Jeans is not intended to be a throwaway brand, to be replaced when worn in. Rather the brand encourages the idea of repeated wear, minimal washing, repair and reuse.

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